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Behind the Sea

Qian Qian's Diary

Keep A Happy Heart Posté le Vendredi 20 Juin 2008 à 08h35
Maturity is a kind of bright but not dazzling glory, a  round but not oiliness ear, one need, examine face to others view color calm, one stop to appeal the atmosphere implored around finally, one kind puts on one side and coaxes the smile that makes a noise, one scrubs extreme indifference, a kind of one that needn't make noise is thick, a kind of height not precipitous.

Green, summer that pool clear spring of shade, inside ripple odd little green and lush grasses.
Green, it is the heavy make-up that wipes always suitable West Lake lightly, cause countless scholars to be infatuated for it.
Green, it is the plum rains pool in the works of Mr. Zhu Ziqing, become immensely popular and beautiful and gentle.
Does not doubt at all, it is the most seductive color to be green. Give somebody blackish greenly without worldly desires and quietly; Give somebody light greenly quietly and briskly; Give somebody the pampering imagination of the life vivid greenly. And what the green movement is given to somebody is perhaps to surviving, thinking of the life, life.

Keep a happy heart, you will feel happy everywhere; With a generous heart, you will feel and make warm everywhere. Unavoidably meet injury in life, so long as face bravely, strongly, it will become rare wealth. 

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