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Behind the Sea

Qian Qian's Diary

Bask in the Moon Posté le Mercredi 2 Juillet 2008 à 07h28
Have you ever basked in moon?
Should have, may just not use such a word.
Winter and spring in the afternoon, under warm sun, extremely comfortable. The warmth from inside to outside, very apt to make people relax, consciousness becomes obtuse slowly, nothing wants to think, wants to do, want to sit nothing, lie, obtuse 舞蹈學校 .
So long as there is the sun, can bask.
Get sun, it is one that can let people by sober to become dim thing, it is one everyone that like thing that do 英語課程.
Different when shining the moon.
bask the moon, it had better be at moon round night.
The crescent, like the hook, although is good, always feel a bit more superficial 上門補習.
At the night of full moon, especially in the dead of night, that kind of artistic conception is worth experiencing very much.
Like the black canopy of the heavens like being blue, the bright moon is watching the earth attentively alone, stars around, have cloud, make there aren't you and distances of it. You watch it attentively, it watch you attentively too, have a bit sad in being quiet.
Whether in summer, can look for a spacious field and sit down, or lie down in the rooftop. Very quiet all around, there are not the sob of cry and child of the worm, the whole world is yours. The moonlight basks you, it is cool like water, let your impetuous heart quiet down, let your body get back to naturally. You at this moment, in sleeping world, another celestial body which see very far from you, will feel oneself is really very insignificant. In the daytime, pursuit in fame and gain, trouble in interpersonal relationships, this moment can so as to fade from memory, shed. Perhaps, you will also belong to the crowd again tomorrow, but you at this moment are pure, calm.
If is winter, it had better be after the snow. The air is incomparably cool, stand under the wintersweet tree, smells the fragrance of flowers, look at moonlight and bask on the snowfield, haul out a long shadow, you are one among them too. You work up, the shade is moved, the moon moves too, it is warm to bring a silk to this ice-cold world, some is warm, make you itching to melt in this snow light and moonlight.
Bask the moon, it is an opinion that can let people make the sober thing dimly, but uncertain everybody wants to do 拉丁舞.
Would you like to bask in the moon?



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