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Counterfeit office supplies maker closed Posté le Mercredi 9 Mars 2011 à 05h53

 A FACTORY in Xili, Nanshan District, was closed for illegally amassing fortune by selling counterfeit brand-name office Dream beauty pro supplies.

    Nanshan police stormed Leizhi Science and Technology Co., hidden in Yangmen Industrial Park, Dakan, Xili Subdistrict, on Monday morning and seized thousands of boxes of counterfeit office supplies in its 2,000-square-meter warehouse.

    The factory rented a five-story teco 12 volt dc motor building and purchased and reconditioned used spare parts of printers and computers, and sold them as brand-new ones with the labels of well-known companies including HP and Samsung.

    The warehouse was larger than that of HP’s Beijing Headquarters, according to an HP employee invited by police to the scene.

    The company’s inventory showed its monthly revenue reached around 2 million yuan (US$304,500) in 2010.

    The products were mainly sold Dream beauty pro hard sell

 through the Internet, according to a worker who did not give her name.

    A manager surnamed Zhang insisted the company was engaged in environmentally friendly business by recycling used parts of computers, printers and other office supplies.

    Leizhi Science and Technology was set up in October 2009. Police alleged that the factory used electronic wastes from abroad.

    The case is still under investigation.

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