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5 Reasons Not to Visit Fortune Tellers Posté le Jeudi 15 Septembre 2016 à 05h22

1. They can program your mind

Human mind is a very powerful set up company in hong kong thing. If you program your mind in a right direction, you’ll be able to achieve everything you want. Psychologists state that fortune tellers can program human subconscious mind. Both negative and positive predictions convince your subconscious mind that something good or bad is going to happen. Your imagination enhances the mind’s functions, because the mind can’t help thinking about the prediction. I’m sure that genuine fortune tellers will never tell people bad news, because they know that their predictions can cost someone their life.


Unfortunately, fake fortune tellers often doom people to failure by telling negative things. If you’ve been told that you’re seriously sick, you should quickly undergo a thorough medical examination and make every effort to reprogram your subconscious mind. The mind can either heal or produce different diseases.


2. It’s the choice of diffident people

Highly successful and happy people never visit fortune tellers, because it’s not their pair of shoes. They’re the ones who know what they want and how to turn their dreams into reality. Weak personalities who’re afraid of life usually go to tarot card readers or fortune tellers. They believe that it’s the best way to secure their future. I think it’s better to ask wise and experienced people for a valuable advice. I’m sure they know how to break the deadlock and be on the right side of the hedge.


Many fortune tellers have the ability to feel people’s energy and emotions. Furthermore, they often try to take control of the conversation and exploit weak minds.


3. The less you know, the better you sleep

My last visit to a fortune teller was a critical mistake that cost me many sleepless nights. I couldn’t take control of my imagination and get negative predictions out of my mind. That life experience taught me to be wiser next time and made me aware of all possible consequences. Now I think it’s Load Balancing better to know only my side of the story and never share my life problems with strangers.


Psychologists say that fortune telling can seriously damage your mental well-being. Fortune tellers’ hypnotic skills can make you believe even in absurd things. Their predictions usually fill people’s mind with fear and anxiety, because it’s very difficult to overcome inner controversy. As a result, you become mentally exhausted and depressed about everything.


If you don’t want to challenge anxious thoughts about your future, you should try to enjoy the present moment. Promise yourself not to go to fortune tellers for the sake of your mental health.


4. You’re the only master of your fate

Frankly speaking, I don’t believe in fate and prophecies any more. I think that life is a set of both big and small choices. Every day and every minute you create and change your life. According to the probability theory, every human being has equal chances to improve or destroy their life. You can either get rich and achieve desirable results or go broke and lose everything. No one and nothing can divine your future, because it doesn’t exist. Talented fortune tellers can only foresee all possible paths of your development.


There’s no need to complicate your life by visiting fortune tellers. You should once and for all take the responsibility for your future. All you have to do is find your calling and move on in right direction, because you’re the smith of your happiness.


5. It can break already existent relationships

If you’ve at least once visited a fortune Cambridge course

Cambridge exam teller, you might know that they often tell people about evil-wishers. They convince that your enemies are the only ones who’re guilty of your failures. Ridiculous and ungrounded suspicions make you behave like a detective. You spend valuable time and energy doing your own investigation, trying to find an evil-wisher. Every time you give a distrustful glance, you may inadvertently offend your friends, workmates or significant others. Moreover, these suspicions change your attitude towards people around you. You begin to look for a catch in any offer you get. But if you seek, you’ll certainly find.

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