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Behind the Sea

Qian Qian's Diary

THE FIRST SKIRMISH Posté le Jeudi 2 Mars 2017 à 04h10

Phin was as good as his word. He was on hand the next evening at a little before eight, and he and Hansel ielts test date set out to pay visits. The campaign had begun.


Phin did not make the mistake of letting his friends know that he was “rushing” Hansel, but, on the contrary, allowed them to think that he and Hansel had been going by and had just dropped in for a moment. Everybody was glad to see Phin; a few seemed genuinely glad to meet his companion; but for the most part Hansel was received “on suspicion,” as he put artas it to himself, and given plainly to understand that were he not vouched for by Phin he would be quite unwelcome. But Hansel had the tact to take no notice of such attitudes, did more listening than talking, was modest on the subject of his football prowess and so, in every case, created a good opinion, and[112] was directly or indirectly invited to come again. And Phin impressed upon him the necessity of accepting the invitations. After they had left the eighth study at shortly before ten, Phin accompanied Hansel back to 22 Prince, and, seating himself at part time degree 2017 the table, drew up a list of the fellows whom Hansel had met, and set down after each address a day of the week.


“That’s your calling list, Dana,” he said. “Better drop in in the evenings as a rule; in that way you’re likely to meet other fellows.”

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