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Behind the Sea

Qian Qian's Diary

Appreciating and Communicating Your Value Posté le Mercredi 8 Mars 2017 à 04h23

It's a common scenario. Although ielts speaking the specific circumstances may differ, the challenge often remains the same: we professional women seldom understand our true value. Perhaps it's because we continue to be paid, on average, less than men to only then have to prove ourselves by doing more. Or, perhaps it's because we've been taught from our earliest years to value the humble individual--the Mother Theresa who gives, but never takes.


Successfully selling our candidacy to a union hospital hair transplant prospective employer by communicating our ability to make a difference in the achievement of an organization's mission--our value--depends on our willingness to uncover and package our gifts, and to serve them up on a sparkling silver platter. Following are three simple truths you can incorporate into your "silent script"-the self-talk which guides your thinking, as well as your behavior, throughout your career Mattress development.


1. You are unique


"Everyone has an MBA.a BA.a HS degree."


"Everyone is a team player.a effective communicator."

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