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Behind the Sea

Qian Qian's Diary

The Joy Of Living In The Zone Posté le Mercredi 12 Avril 2017 à 05h30

What do people want most in the world? What Hong Kong Travel discounts is the most sought-after goal? From the moment we awaken to the moment we close our eyes at night, what is it we seek every minute of the day?


We want to feel good. The primary motivation behind every action we take is the desire to feel happy. Even when we're focused on moving away from pain, we are, in effect, moving toward feeling good-physically, emotionally and spiritually.


What Do They Get from Opera?


As a kid, I often asked myself, "Why do people engage in life-endangering activities like sky-diving, car racing and mountain climbing?" And I wondered, "Why do people choose dangerous jobs like being a firefighter, cop or ambulance driver? I was also confounded by the large amounts of money and time people spend going to the opera, rock concerts and sports events. The budding journalist in me asked, "What do all these activities have in common? What's the compelling force driving people to invest most of their precious free time, or whole lives, in these pursuits? What, in heaven's name, are people looking for?"


A Rush Is a Rush Is a Rush!


At one point in my teens, I reenex facial saw the light. It's so obvious really. We want to feel! We want to feel something.


On some level we all know that life is about feeling. If we don't feel life we miss life. And, of course, the most popular choice is to feel good. Whatever way we choose to get ourselves to feel the end goal is the reenex same: to experience the good side of life-as fully and powerfully as possible! We want to feel really alive and happy. Some people call it Joy. Some Pleasure. Some Rush, Electricity, Juice, Fire or Passion!

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