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Ringing And Humming In Ears

Humming ears affect a large percentage of the population, especially those who are older. However, there has also been a trend towards younger people being affected by humming and buzzing noises in their ears as well. In this article you are going to learn what causes buzzing noises in your ears, as well as whether there are any treatments available for the problem. Ringing And Humming In Ears

The problem of humming ears should more correctly be referred to as tinnitus, especially is you experience the sound almost constantly. If your ears buzz only periodically then you are probably on your way to developing tinnitus, which is a very common medical condition.

So what causes humming ears?

It is generally believed that the primary cause of humming, buzzing, or ringing noises in the ears is exposure to loud noise. Think about this- if you've ever been to a loud rock concert, or a club and stood anywhere near the speakers, then when you leave you usually notice a ringing noise in your ears when you go somewhere quiet. This is the sort of event that causes humming ears as the loud noise damages your ear canal. Ringing And Humming In Ears

However, it is also possible that your humming ears have been caused by repeated exposure to quieter noise over a long time. This is more common with people who work in factories, or in other jobs where you are constantly exposed to a repeating noise, even one that is not particularly loud, over a long period of time.

Think back in your life to whether there has ever been an extended period of time where you were subjected to a lot of repetitive noise. If so, this may be behind your humming ears and the onset of problems such as tinnitus.

What is quite worrying is that portable music devices such as mp3 players could be responsible for causing tinnitus-like conditions in younger people, as well as premature hearing loss. Therefore, even if your humming ear problem is only very mild, you should not use any form of portable music device unless absolutely unavoidable. Ringing And Humming In Ears

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