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Tools Used To Adjust Watch Bracelets Posté le Mercredi 9 Mars 2011 à 14h53

The Bergeon 2277 bracelet cutting and filing block can be held in a vice. It provides an easy and quick method to file bracelet ends where small adjustments are required. It is a stable tool when fixed in a vice and can handle most bracelet sizes. There are various bracelet holding blocks. The A&F bracelet screw holding base has three popular screw sizes; these can be replaced with ordinary screw driver blades. This device is made of aluminium and has a non slip base. It is very easy to use this tool - for changing watch straps and bracelets. The Bergeon 6730 bracelet screw holding base is a tool that can be used to screw and unscrew bracelets. It is made of brass and has a base diameter of 70 mm. It comes with four screw driver blades. It has a working blade whose height can be adjusted. It is a stable tool that has a removable rubber protection on top.

There are blocks that can be used for bracelet shortening that are made from plastic as well as rubber. The Bergeon 6744 is a plastic holding block that is durable. It has various slot sizes and spaces to eject pins. It is a tool to be used with a press. The model made in rubber is specially meant for precious metals to avoid scratches on the bracelet surface. This tool also has spaces to eject pins and should be used with presses. The Horotec bracelet adjusting screw push is a Swiss made bracelet adjusting tool. It is a safe device – there is no risk of scratching the bracelets. It has a knurled adjustment screw and push pin made of stainless steel and a hard plastic base that is sturdy. There is a multi purpose bracelet press from Horotec which can be used for punching out bracelet links, putting in screws and for adjusting bracelets on the block as a stable third hand. This tool has an upper driving punch, a heavy duty screw driver, a lower fitting with adjustable screwdriver blade, bracelet adjusting block, punches of different sizes, screwdriver blades and a nylon blade holder. The A&F 3 piece bracelet pin punch removing set has three pins of different sizes. The A&F Swiss bracelet pin remover is a press tool that is used for quick bracelet adjustments. It is a light weight tool that has a screw operation. The Bergeon 6618 pressure bar pin removing pliers is used to split pressure fitted pins by using a reverse action. It is adjustable and has an aluminium casting. It comes with interchangeable blades. Bergeon 6619 is a tool to insert and remove pins for all types of bands.

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