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History And Types Of Earrings Posté le Mercredi 9 Mars 2011 à 14h53

To begin with, this short piece of writing will be telling first a detailed view about the history of earrings. It has been noticed and observed that earrings first came into being and originated in Asia as well as in the Middle East. In 2000 BC, variety of earrings was being found. This is the only reason that now the entire market world of earrings is being flourishing at its best. Not only women, but also men wear this stuff. It has now become fashion. The pierced earrings came into being at the era of 1500 BC. There was this conception and notion that earrings basically portray the image of wealth and also prosperity. Although artificial earrings are also there but the precious earrings can only be afforded by wealthy individuals. In the era of dark ages and middle ages, the concept of earrings and wearing it was not considered appropriate. Though the time goes on, now earrings are being considered as a stylish and fashionable symbol. Read on further and get to know about the types of earrings in a detailed and explained way.

There are two types of earrings named by pierced earrings and clip on earrings. They come in wide variety and enhance the beauty of women in a bet possible way and mode. This is quite and rather exciting. Pierced earrings come in the form of studs, objects might be hanging from them from the front position or round hoops might be seen in these types of earrings. Most of the pierced earrings are being attached up with the help of wire through the ear lobe. Now clip earrings are here. They did not gain and attain that much fame and popularity. The only reason is that pierced earring came into being and get successful in capturing the attention of lots of individuals.

Clip earrings as the name totally explains that they get clipped up with ear. Earrings come in each and every form like gold earrings, long earrings, heart earrings, hand made earrings and gem stone earrings. So, here is the wide variety. You do not have to put large amount of effort in order to search to get your desired ring. Jewelled earrings are basically for the evening wear. There is this tradition that most of the parents pierce the ears of their young ones at a very early age. Hoop, dangle, huggy, slave and stud are also some of the other types of earrings.

Queen Victoria did set a new trend in the area of earrings. They are now part of the fashion. Grab hold of these earrings and lick them from top to bottom in order to have an appealing and alluring style.

Hence, from the above details, it is quite and rather evident that there are wide varieties of earrings. Efforts and attempts are being done to bring out more stylish designs of the earrings in the best and perfect manner. This short piece of writing has surely provided you a detailed view regarding this topic.

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