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Christmas is that time of the year when the market is flooded with all types of Christmas Ornaments and accessories for the Christmas Tree. It is also that time of the year when each one of us is looking for ideas to add that unique and personal taste to the otherwise common and mundane ornaments available in the market.

Beaded ornaments are just right for giving your Christmas Tree the look of the season and therefore, are my personal favorites when it comes to creating my own ornaments and designing them in such a way that they speak volumes about my personality and character. Beads, when coupled with other materials, especially wood, can really lend your Christmas Tree a flavor of its own. I personally like to work with Beads myself and outsource all the wood jobs to a nice carpenter I know of. It is suggested that you also club a couple of materials together- this would really help in giving your Christmas tree a whole new definition of its own.

Christmas Ornaments are one of the best ways to tell others how much you care for them. Personalizing and crafting beaded ornaments yourself for each and every member of your family, friends and close associates, is the best way of sending this message across to them.

There are hundreds, even thousands of ways in which you can personalize beaded Christmas ornaments to make them look different, every Christmas.

If playing with beads is not your cup of tea, you can experiment with glitter and cellophane paper as well. Cutting cellophane paper of different sizes and colors and giving it different shapes is a wonderful way of dressing your ornaments up. Packing the beads and wooden ornaments using the cellophane papers cut by you is a great, yet easy way of giving a personal touch to your Christmas tree. In fact, you can actually let long robe like cuttings of cellophane paper hand down directly from the tree, giving the tree a longer and more "flowing" look. In the end, if beads, scissors and cellophane are not something you are comfortable with, you can make use of ribbons of different colors (Pink, White and Red are my personal favorites) to add just that little bit to make your tree stand out from the crowd.

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