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Taxco Silver Jewelry And 039forever Fashionable And 039 Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h32

Taxco Silver Jewelry: Forever Fashionable

Taxco Sterling Silver jewelry is seen by many as the best in the line of
silver jewelry as it is not only exquisitely beautiful but is also affordable.
Whether it is a private collector, a museum or just a jewelry lover looking
for that special gift for the special person in his life, these vintage
earrings, chokers and pendants offer something to all.

The trend for Taxco jewelry goes back to the early 1930s with its origins
having been traced back as far as the Aztec and Maya civilizations. The
main influence in designs is taken from the Spanish colonization of

The period between 1930s to 1950s is seen as the Renaissance of
silver jewelry in Mexico. The designs are a combination of vintage and
modern elements. Most believe that an American architect from a
university in New Orleans, William Spratling, was the creator of this
movement. It was his taller the Las Delicias or as is more commonly
known as the Workshop of Delights, that produced not only unique
vintage silver jewelry but also trained such famous designers as Hector Aguilar, Salvador Teran, Antonio Pineda and Rafael Melendez.

Nowadays, jewelry made or works that had been made by these
talented Silver jewelry designers is sought far and wide at exuberant
prices going well into the thousands of dollars.

After their apprenticeship at Las Delicias Taller, these silver jewelry
master designers moved on to open their own workshops and introduce
their own style mixed with that of Spratling. Here is a look at the design
features of a few:

- Hector Aguilar: Aguilar based most of his designs on the
Pre-Columbian sculptures along with paintings and imprints from the
ancient Aztecs and Maya civilizations. His jewelry was often made with
a combination of copper and silver which made it appealing and
wearable for both men and women. He was also quite experimental in
his designs using metals like blued steel and creating pieces with onyx
that were encrusted with silver.

- Antonio Pineda: Pineda became probably the most famous of these
Mexican silver jewelry masters. He incorporated modernism into his
designs more tan others. Of course, like the others he started off under
the influence of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations but as time
progressed a note of sparseness and simplicity started to manifest itself
in his creations. You can see an example of this in his bracelet with
amethysts that are attached to 'bullet-like' forms depicting the influence
of the Second World War. This legendary artist still lives and his designs
are still as popular as ever.

- Margot Van Voorhies Carr: She was a part of the Castillo family who
opened their own workshops after learning the craft from Spratling.
Margot left Los Castillo Taller, the workshop started by her family, and
started working in her own studio. Greatly influenced by the Japanese
art and the movement for Art Deco, she created a niche for herself
among the growing brand of silver jewelry designers from the Golden
era in Taxco, Mexico. The invention of the hands-on, silver over enamel
technique made her designs stand-out on their own.

Even now, Mexican silver jewelry silversmiths and designers are greatly
influenced by the works of William Spratling and his apprentices.

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