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Why Woman Love Giving And Receiving Gifts Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h32

Let's face it, most women love not only shopping for and giving gifts, but they especially love receiving them. And even better then giving or receiving one single gift is giving or being the recipient of one gift that is made up of several other gifts. And the fact that all of these gifts go together as a theme and come packaged in a beautiful or ingenious container makes the experience even sweeter.

It isn't so much that women are little mercenaries who are always on the lookout for an occasion to receive presents, but they see gift giving as a way to express their appreciation towards someone else. And when a woman receives a gift, her self-esteem is strengthened and she is girded with new motivation to go out and do an even better job than before.

First, let's start with the act of giving and why women enjoy it so much. Women's entire lives are usually focused on creating the best and most loving atmosphere for their many environments. Whether it is providing emotionally, physically and financially for their family and home or creating an organized environment at work, women are just naturally givers. When it comes to showing appreciation for the other people in their life, most women relish the idea of planning what types of items will be most appreciated by the recipient and then going out and shopping for them. Shopping is a woman's way of becoming the "hunter/gatherer".

Most women enjoy every aspect of the gift giving process. They will spend as much time on planning the perfect types of items to include in a gift basket as well as on the gift basket itself. Women love the opportunity of being able to put together a gift basket in a very thoughtful and beautiful way and finally being able to give the gift to someone who deserves it and who will equally appreciates the time, thought, and effort that went into making it.

There is something about coming up with a theme and then going out and looking for items that all fall into that theme that strikes a chord with most women. It is kind of like being able to mini-decorate on a very small scale while at the same time creating something that is eye appealing and decorative. Whether the theme is based on a subject or a style or an occasion, most women love to be able to utilize their creativity and come up with an overall gift basket that states exactly what they want to say.

In the same way, women love receiving a gift basket. To them it is an expression of how much they are appreciated and cared about. It doesn't really matter if the people giving the gift made it themselves or offered their opinions to someone else who did the actual work. Even if they ordered the gift from a local or online company that was creating the gift basket, what is important is the sentiment behind the gift, its loveliness and what the gift stands for.

A gift basket is one of the most appropriate gifts for many occasions in a woman's life. The versatility of what gift baskets can contain is what makes it the perfect gift. A gift basket for a woman can be given in the event of a new baby, to celebrate a promotion at work, for Mother's Day, St. Valentine's Day, her birthday or her wedding anniversary. These are just some of the occasions where a gift basket is a perfect choice. One of the best other occasions is the occasion of "Just Because". You can never go wrong when you give a gift basket to a woman for no reason at all but "Just Because".

For the busy woman, it may be more convenient for them to be able to go online and find just the right gift basket that states the sentiment they wish to convey and order it to be sent directly to the recipient. There are hundreds of gift basket companies that offer thousands of gift basket styles and choices. There is certainly one that will be a perfect choice.

It really doesn't matter what size the gift basket is or what the occasion is, just planning the details and executing the plan can be a welcome change for a woman who is caught up in the mundane details of her daily life. That is why even though Christmastime is such hectic time with lists of errands to run and chores to do, women still basically love the idea of going out and finding the perfect gift for each person in their lives. They wish to let everyone know how much they are appreciated and in the back of their minds, they hope that they will be appreciated in return.

Unfortunately, this is why so many women may seem disappointed in gifts that they are given. It is the thought behind the gift that a woman is interpreting and when a gift is of something that the woman feels represents a lack of planning or is something that shows that the other person does not listen to their opinions, their likes and dislikes, they take offense. To many women, a gift is an emotional representation of the other person's feelings about them.

This is not to say that women are right to put so much meaning behind every gift offering and it certainly isn't fair to the people who love and respect them to be judged so harshly, but unfortunately so often it is the case. On the other hand, if gift giving time is the only time a woman is really shown an outward example of how she is appreciated, then the woman may have a valid point to put so much stock into the gift.

In the same way, women as gift givers, who spend so much time and energy on finding the "perfect" gift, should not be using this situation as the only time they show their gratitude and love toward the people that they are giving them to. If such is the case, then they are as guilty as everyone around them. Gifts should never be a replacement for showing our love and gratitude for our family and friends.

It all comes down to daily appreciating those around us in our words and actions and then any gifts that are given or received will only be extensions of those emotions. Love the women in your life by showering them with praise and attention and whenever possible give them a gift basket to be even further evidence of your feelings. She will, in turn do the same for you.

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