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How To Look Your Best Wearing Silver Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h32

Polished silver is a shiny white gray metal that reminds one of moonlight. Silver is a cool color. A silvery color resembling reflective surfaces at night when moon beams hit them. The lake at night for example.

The light that silver jewelry casts on the wearer is light moonlight. Lighting her features softly. In a very flattering light.

That said, silver can make a woman look her most beautiful.

Silver is a cool color. It enhances other cool colors beautifully. Silver brings out the best in black, blue, pure white and other true colors. If you look great in black, you should have a jewelry wardrobe full of silver jewelry. At least have a few pieces of sterling silver jewelry as these will enhance practically anything you wear.

If you look good in black, blue or fuschia outfits, you have cool skin tones. You WILL look amazing in anything silver. Get a selection of silver outfits to suit the personality you want to project.

If you have cool skin tones, anything silvery would look good on you. Decorate you home with silver accents as the silver would subtly enhance your beauty in your home. Drive a silver car, carry a silver bag. Basically surround yourself with silver items or silver trimmed things for that cool, flattering light.

On the other hand, if you have warm skin tones, what do you do? If you look great in earth tones, but terrible in black or blue, chances are that you have warm skin tones. Gold jewelry would be a better bet. You would look way better in gold accessories instead. You are better off avoiding large, plain, purely silver jewelry as these would probably clash with your coloring.

Still, even if you have warm skin tones, you can get away with some types of silver jewelry. Just pick silver jewelry that is intertwined with gold in the design. Or you could easily carry off silver jewelry that is really small. In fact, you can look fabulous wearing silver jewelry set with stones with warm earthy colors. Try wearing your silver set with amber for example. Like these silver and amber necklaces. Wear silver if it is used to set something in a warm color that flatters you.

While polished silver is a bright white, silver tarnishes easily. With time, silver turns black. Constant polishing keeps it white and shiny, but some pieces look better as they tarnish. I used to make jewelry. some of the silver beads in my collection have rather intricate designs. The etched parts tarnish first, turning black, showing off the design beautifully. Adding character to the bead. Those beads look best when only the surface is polished. A thorough polishing so that even the etched parts turn white would result in beautifully white, shiny beads without much character.

Allowing your intricate silver jewelry to tarnish slightly gives it more character. More so than keeping it perfectly polished at all times.

Silver is an interesting metal used in jewelry making. Thanks to its price, it is often used to set semi-precious stones and to create more adventurous designs. The artisan can afford to take more risks when working with less expensive materials than the costlier ones. It is one of the basics you need in your jewelry wardrobe

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