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Mens Black Rings And Black Wedding Rings Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 17h52

If you come from the world of fashion, every year you can expect to hear about another color that is considered the "new black". I think last year it was purple… or was that the year before? Anyway, while the fabric merchants scramble for an alternative to basic black, jewelers everywhere are welcoming black like never before. Men's black rings are perhaps the most exciting new development in men's jewelry that I've seen in a decade; and it looks like this is one trend that's here to stay.

Believe it or not, men's black rings are not entirely new. They actually have their roots in ancient cultures, dating back to the days when Greek artisans carved spectacular rings from black onyx. Roman craftsmen followed suit with their elaborately engraved cameo-style black onyx rings, which were often used as seals. Today's methods of making men's black rings are based on more scientific techniques, but each type of black metal has its own unique qualities.

What type of men's black rings are available, and how do they get so black?

• The deep "midnight black" of black titanium is made through an alloying technique that involves the application of high temperatures to the base metal. Not only does this process make the ring a deeper black, it also becomes extremely durable and scratch resistant.

• Another popular black ring style is a two-tone titanium ring. These striking rings are made with a mixture of black and grey titanium.

• A less expensive option, black stainless steel rings are usually coated with a permanent black tint that makes them even more durable.

• Like titanium, black tungsten bands are made with an alloy process that adds to the raw strength of tungsten carbide and stands up to daily wear and tear.

What are the most popular styles in men's black rings?

Men's black rings have been gaining in popularity for quite a while, and have even made their way into many wedding band collections. But not all of these rings get their black color from the metal.

One of the most popular styles on sale today is a titanium ring with a black carbon fiber inlay. This handsome ring combines the sparkle of polished titanium with the modern texture of carbon fiber, making it a truly unique and handsome wedding band or fashion ring.

Some other best-selling men's black rings include a stainless steel black crusade cross ring, and a sophisticated black stainless steel wedding band with a stripe of brushed stainless steel around the center. For simpler tastes, there are several conservative-style bands made from black titanium, tungsten and stainless steel.

As more jewelry manufacturers start to show men's black rings in their collections, black wedding rings are emerging as a new symbol of eternal commitment. The natural strength of the industrial metals, paired with rich black tones, adds power and certainty to that commitment.

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