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Gold Bracelets For Women And For Men Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 17h53

Gold bracelets will upgrade your appearance instantly, it is not only making your wrist look better, but it will upgrade your overall appearance. Here are some tips before you buy gold bracelets, either for you or you want to buy it for gift.

Gold Bracelets for Women

If you will wear your bracelets every day, it will be better if you buy white gold bracelets, because it will fit with almost all your clothes. In contrary, if you want to look more extravagant and look more glamour, you may buy yellow gold bracelets.

If you want to buy gold charm bracelets, I recommend you to choose the charm for the bracelets that made by 14K gold, because it is stronger than 18K gold, so the charm will be more secure attached to the bracelets.

Basically there are unlimited style and design for women gold bracelets, so the choice it’s only the matter of your taste, but still, you should consider one or two things about the design. First, is it easy to clean and to maintain, and second, is it have a sharp edge, because you don’t want your gold bracelets torn your $1000 dress right?

Gold Bracelets for Men

Men’s wear gold bracelets not only for fashion, sometimes (if not always) they wear gold bracelets to show their wealthness and their status. These types of men usually prefer yellow gold bracelets with some blink-blink attach to it. The other type of men, wear a gold bracelets to show their masculinity, and they mostly prefer white gold bracelets.

If you want to give your man, your friend, your father or your brother gold bracelets as a gift, you must know his personality first. If he is casual man and rarely or not even once wears bracelets or jewelry, it is safer if you buy him white gold bracelets. What if he doesn’t want to wear it? (Because he never wear bracelets before) well… you can say to him: “I give this gold bracelets as the reminder for you about me, if you taken care this gold bracelets, it will last for a long time, even you can pass down to your kids, and you look great wearing that anyway.”

If he still doesn’t want to wear it, well it’s ok, at least he will keep it and won’t throw it away, because it is gold and it won’t damage (not like if you buy him electronic stuff). So every time he looked at that bracelets, he will remember you and maybe someday he will wear it, because times changes, so are the people.

Besides the color of gold bracelets, you also must pay attention to the clasp quality. Because men are active person, so you better to choose the clasp that can hold gold bracelets securely yet easy to operate.

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