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Cash gifting means offering a gift without coercion or consideration. The gift is not a loan, investment or payment for goods and services. Cash gifting is not an internet business. A gifting group is a private sharing club. Individuals in gifting meet in the spirit of giving. Legit groups are collectives of kind people who know that giving is the prospering act. Receiving takes care of itself when giving freely. Since cash gifting is a private activity individuals decide how the gifts are sent and received. Both parties may work out a delivery method to their liking. Overnight Courier With Tracking Number
Cash in the mail without making a sale. Send cash gifts via overnight courier. Overnight Mail Only with Tracking Numbers!Send your cash gift in a magazine or book to ensure a secure delivery. Make a trip from your bank to the local UPS or Fed Ex Store. If your sponsor lives within close proximity it's advisable to send your cash gift ground. Pay less for shipping. Most clubs recommend sending cash gifts via overnight courier. Western Union and/or Money Gram
Western Union can send cash gifts. Fees may apply. Western Union is a delivery method for overseas cash gifting in most cases. Conversions are handled by WU. State-side gifts can be send Western Union as well but fees might hinder U.S. residents when they can simply send gifts via Fed Ex or UPS. Terry Brisco 571-594-0654

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