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Admire Rome's masterpieces with private tour guide Posté le Mardi 30 Janvier 2007 à 17h35


There are many ways to take a wonderful view of a city founded in the seventh century BC taking a tour of Rome with a good english speaking private driver-guide and booking your Rome hotel. It is a continuous exhibition of treasures from the Ancient Rome epoch until our days passing through many periods: Ancient Rome, middle age, Renaissance, baroque...

For example, one of the better things regarding art,culture and history is without a doubt the Sistine Chapel, built among 1475 and 1583 by Giovanni de Dolci during the papacy of pope Sixtus IV (that's why its name), having the same shape of the temple of Jerusalem where was the stone of the World Foundation and the Ark of Alliance on it.In 1481 this severe and almost naked Chapel was transformed in a precious pictures gallery with paintings of Italian Renaissance (Perugino, Botticelli,Cosimo Rosselli, Luca Signorelli, Ghirlandaio, Raffaello and the most famous Michelangelo Buonarroti). They realized together the parallel histories of the Ancient and New Testament found in the central band of the two longer walls. Only if you take a private tour of Rome,you  can admire the "life of Moses" on one side (Ancient Will) and the "life of Christ on the opposite one (New Testament). In this way to a painting of a great artist corresponds on the opposite wall another great masterpiece always by the same artist. But the two true huge masterpieces (one began in May of 1508 and finished in November of 1512 under commission of pope Julius II and was the vault of the Sixtin Chapel painted by Michelangelo, immense challenge for the vastness of the surface, 800 square meters more or less) created an architectural structure on a real structure getting a mixture of architecture, painting and sculpture (the other one is the Universal Judgement always by Michelangelo, started in 1536 and finished in 1541, including more than 300 characters, painted with a clarity and a coherence having anything of commune).

You can contemplate all these masterpieces in a Vatican Museum tour, during your Rome shore excursion with your personal driver-guide who will make you have an easier and better vacation in this marvellous city.

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