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Bracelets Full Of Charm Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h05

If you thought charm bracelets were just for middle school girls, then think again! Charm bracelets are back again and in a major way. They are now available from high end expensive kinds to low end inexpensive department store varieties. Charm bracelets are regaining popularity mostly due to the fun nature that they have and give off. Also, charm bracelets are especially attractive because they can be personalized—each one is different! Charm bracelets also make amazing gifts for any woman in your life. One year for Mother’s Day I bought my mother a charm bracelet. I started her off with a single charm. Now, every Christmas or every birthday I add a new charm to the bracelet I bought. She loves the bracelet I got her in sterling silver. She can easily add any new charm she wants and interchange the ones I have given her.

I think charm bracelets are super neat because you can make them look however you want by choosing your charms. The bracelet can make a statement about you or just be an interesting feature on your wrist. You can get a sterling silver charm bracelet and keep all the charms a uniform sterling silver or you could add colored charms. Charm bracelets are available in other metals too like bronze and gold—though the most common material is sterling. Either way, charm bracelets are a whole lot of fun for the young and for the young at heart. Even grandmas are into wearing charm bracelets from their grandkids. Just because young girls and grandmothers alike can wear this trend, doesn’t mean that it can’t be sophisticated too. It all depends on how you wear your bracelet. Take your cues from the celebrities who don charm bracelets. Pair them with a couple more sterling bangles, a signature ring, fabulous shades and you’ll be styling in no time

If it were me, I would purchase a sterling silver chain with a single charm attached like a heart and then you can start adding on from there. It is really easy to find this type of charm bracelet from expensive stores like Tiffany’s to pretty much any major department store. If you start with all of the charms on the bracelet then it’s just not as much fun! So if you are searching for the perfect gift for your mom, grandma, sister, or friend then you should consider charm bracelets as a happy option. You customize them for that person and have add-on charms lined up as gifts for the next major holiday!

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