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Always smile with a flowers !

Smiley !

It's me ! Posté le Jeudi 6 Décembre 2007 à 14h44

             Hey !

How are you people ? I'm Marie-Charlotte but everybody calls me Mc or Shisha ! It's shorter ! I'm 15years old and I live in Chaussoy , it's a little village 25kilométres away from Amiens in France where I go to my high school . I love sport , I practice dancing at school .In life I'm crazy and happy  ! I love Rock and Roll ! I spend hours listening to music ! I have got one brother, his name is Samuel  and he is 12years old . I enjoy doing party with my friends ! I love chocolate and holidays !  I love England and Spain ! I'm chestnut !

Peace and Love !

   I would like to meet people English !







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