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The Shocking Truth About What Causes Ears To Ring Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h17

What causes ears to ring? This is a question that is often asked. The truth is, there are over 66 million individuals in the USA that struggle with ear ringing, and this affliction is normally called tinnitus. Most individuals during their lives will have ear ringing at some point. Night clubs, pubs, and concert halls are just some of the locations where one comes into contact with loud piercing music, which can make the ear ringing happen for hours upon returning home.

In many cases the ringing disappears in just a short time. There are those cases though where people are exposed to loud sounds on a daily basis; this can bring on loss of hearing and tinnitus over time. Nonetheless, today there are numerous medications and remedies, which will help to alleviate the condition.

Tinnitus isn't the only cause for ear ringing. There are many reasons for the ears ringing to the point of distraction. Some of these reasons are:

1. Infections in the ear can sometimes bring on ear ringing. This is relatively normal with throat infections and colds. The pathogens get into one's Eustachian tube, this makes things like mucous to form, and this can in turn cause ear ringing and hearing loss to happen. Infections in the ear are simple to discover and have diagnosed by having a few tests done. After the diagnosis has been made, the sufferer is prescribe antibiotics, which clear up any built-up mucous and infection that has occurred. It's important to note here that antibiotics should be completely taken and at the right dose to be effective and to prevent the condition to reoccur.

2. The onset of Meniere's disease can be another cause for ear ringing to occur. This disease has the symptoms of vertigo, loss of one's balance, and tinnitus. The primary reason for this disease happen to be an unusual build up of pressure, this make fluid collect in one's middle ear. Treatment for this depends on what stage the disease has gotten. Most physicians advise the patient to reduce their sodium intake. Not paying attention to or treating the Meniere's disease can eventually cause hearing loss in one or both ears. This means that symptoms such as ear ringing should be paid attention to. Places like concert halls where high decibels of sound must be kept away from.

3. Stress could be another of the causes for ringing in the ears. Stress affects all parts of the body, but the brain's hypothalamus is affected the most from stress. Therefore, it quits operating normally and will not make the usual amount of chemicals needed for daily operations. In these scenarios, ways of relieving stress are useful treatments.

4. Allergies can also cause ringing ears. But medications for allergies can also be a reason for this happening too. Many of these are the antihistamines, these can make mucous thicken in the location of the inner ear. It could also cause a buildup of fluid inside the ear; this also causes the ear ringing.

These are a few of the things which make the ear ringing happen. With all of these scenarios, it is crucial to identify the issue in enough time to keep any type of hearing loss to happen permanently.

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