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Silver Bracelets For Women Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h17

Silver bracelets for women are as ancient as any jewelry: archaeologists have found them at sites in what was once the centre of the ancient world. Antiques shops abound with them, whether from the Victorian era or the Arts and Crafts Movement.

What silver bracelets for women are in style today? As befits the post-modern age, just about anything goes. At Magnolia, you'll find silver bracelets for women in a variety of styles, with and without gemstones, to suit every mood, occasion, and pocketbook. Here's a short, sweet rundown of silver bracelets for women.

Link bracelets: These silver bracelets for women come in all sizes. Larger, hoop-like links, especially if elliptical or oddly shaped, look compelling on their own. Smaller links can bear gemstones or crystals. Very fine links can be used in making multiple-strand bracelets. Of all silver bracelets for women, these can be easily sized by adding or subtracting links.

Charm bracelets: Charms have been worn as amulets to ward off evil, to protect against enemies in battle, and as lockets holding a photograph or a lock of hair. Their popularity spiked in the 1950s, when teenagers began wearing them to represent significant events, hobbies, and people. Charms can be suspended from a bracelet's links, or snapped into them (as in the Italian charm bracelet).

Cuff bracelets: These semi-circular bracelets are notable amongst silver bracelets for women for being open on one side, with no clasp or closure. Usually, they are close-fitting and so stay on the wrist. They can be thick or thin, filigreed or solid, engraved or adorned with a gemstone. In ancient times, and again during the “Roaring 1920s”, cuff bracelets were worn high up on the arm.

Tennis bracelets: We have Chrissy Evert to thank for this swanky style of silver bracelets for women. Maybe it's just an “urban legend”, but the story goes that Ms. Evert lost her diamond bracelet on the court one day… and asked the judges to stop the match until she could find it.
Ever since, “tennis bracelet” has referred to a bracelet of gems strung in a row.

Bangle bracelets: Perhaps the most enduring of all silver bracelets for women is the bangle. Made without a clasp or closure, the bangle is a solid circle that can be slipped over the wrist. Women in India – and American high school girls – often wear numerous silver bangles at once.

No matter what silver bracelets for women you seek, you're sure to find one at Magnolia that will bring out your special sparkle!

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