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2011 Gold Investment Promising Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h20


November this year, 5.1% of CPI, 1-November CPI was 3.2%, which means CPI exceeded 3% in 2010, will become a foregone conclusion. This year
, The central bank to raise reserve ratio total of 3.5% over 2 trillion yuan of funds locked; rate hike, increased 0.25%. On the whole, failed to control inflation in 2010 at the beginning, within the established goal, and in the end appears to accelerate the signs.Financial Forums - Investing, Personal Finance |Finance Online Forums!

Interestingly, in October exceeded 4% of the monthly CPI, the central bank two-pronged approach, both interest rates and raising the reserve ratio. When the November CPI exceeded 5% of the time, the reserve ratio will be increased only by 0.5%, indicating that management has increased the tolerance of inflation. Affected by this, this week A-share market rose sharply, but then a few days, the lingering shadow of the austerity policies, the market shrinkage , Yang shares, shares of Tai Yuen strong stocks shaky, on market sentiment harder hit.

inflation, stable monetary policy shift, the rapid expansion of capital markets, these three factors on the formation of capital market liquidity test. Now, multi-force sufficient to promote the two cities to further the broader market higher. The time to end, look to the future, we believe that 2011 is a greater chance of further reform of the RMB exchange rate RMB appreciation will change by external forces, the stock market running.Financial Forums - Investing, Personal Finance |Finance Online Forums!

Looking back at history

exchange reform in July 2005 to September 2007, the RMB against the U.S. dollar by the 8.10:1, rose to 7.51:1, the appreciation rate of 7.85%. International gold prices over the same period from $ 428/oz, up to 744 dollars/ounce, or 73.83%. The Shanghai Composite Index rose from 1,000 points 6124 points, individual stocks, Shandong Gold, gold gold appeared 30-40 times the gains. We believe that as China's gold market continues to improve, preserve and increase the awareness of people increasing, the trend of capital flows to the gold market will be further extended, a new round of gold consumption and investment boom is coming.

data show that China is the world's largest gold producer and second largest gold consumer. China's gold market beginning in 2003, and basically formed the Shanghai Gold Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange and the commercial banks so the three main gold market. Shanghai Gold Exchange data show that the first 10 months of 2010, gold imports were higher than the total imports last year soared 45 tons to 209 tons, of which about 70-80% is held by small investors are more willing to gold bullion. Gold bars on the market today are basically out of stock. China's first gold yellow and is raising funds has been approved. Gold market has attracted the attention of institutional investors, which will further boost investment in the gold market enthusiasm.

addition, with the IPAD and smart mobile phones and other hi-tech products, increased demand, industrial demand for gold is gradually returning to pre-crisis levels. Gold in nanotechnology, the environment and the application of biomedical progress, will lead the growth in demand for gold. Statistics show that China's electronics industry this year, nearly 30% of gold demand.

the international front, the European sovereign debt issues and the growing U.S. debt, and the United States, Japan and other major economies, competing to take quantitative easing monetary policy, exchange rate depreciation of the war made investors question the value of paper money. In this context, the national reform of the international monetary system is increasing. And gold as the world's only non-monetary assets, liabilities, is the only cross country, language, race, religion, culture, globally recognized monetary assets. Central banks in Europe this year to stop selling their gold reserves. Euro-zone central banks gold reserves over 10,000 tons of existing U.S. gold reserves of 8,000 tons, while China is only 1,054 tonnes of gold reserves, central bank gold reserves would increase the general trend.

as the world's second largest economy of the renminbi has not yet entered in the International Monetary Fund, a basket of currencies, the RMB low level of international economic structure is still in the export-dependent, the performance is sold on the international division of labor and product . China holds 2.6 trillion foreign exchange reserves, the performance of a currency from the country of the status of the external economic impact of greater Chinese economy, China's economic transformation is the trend.

According to the World Gold Council statistics, the current global stock of about 166,000 tons of gold on the ground, which still accounts for the largest share of gold jewelry, reaching 83,700 tons, accounting for about 50%; gold personal investment amounted to 29,600 tons, about 18%; States official gold reserves reached a total of 29,300 tons, accounting for about 18%; industrial and other use of gold amounted to 19,800 tons, accounting for 12%; the remaining 2% of the thousands of tons of uncertainty about whereabouts. In addition, the underground world has confirmed that the amount of deposits of gold and 2.6 million tons.

early November of this year, the United States total $ 600,000,000,000 start the second quantitative easing policy, the first month of purchase 105 billion U.S. dollars debt, the policy will continue until the second quarter of 2011. Outstanding debt crisis in Europe, tensions in Northeast Asia, negative interest rates in emerging economies in the context of the whole, can not change the expected hedging, which will significantly promote the individual gold investment demand.

, of course, gold investment has some risk. In the United States policy to stimulate the economy, investors expect the U.S. economy improves, the hot money out of emerging markets, capital return the United States, led to strong U.S. capital markets. If the U.S. economic recovery and inflation, U.S. interest rates inflection point, enter the rate hike cycle, the gold price peaked. In addition, the international gold market price fluctuations will also affect the expectations of investors.


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