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Silver Value Today Defies The Laws Of Supply And Demand Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h22

Silver Value Today

Silver value today is at a important juncture in history. The current fundamentals of supply and demand are about to spur an explosion in silver prices after building pricing pressure during the last 60 years … and it's going to blow soon. Your financial future will depend on tapping silver value today.

When you select properly, you may be rich; however, in case you do nothing, not only will you miss a chance of a lifetime, however additionally, you will see the worth of your money melt away.

Yes, it is that dire!

Silver value expert, Theodore Butler, says the approaching silver prices explosion doesn't rely (or have anything to do with) the economic system, inflation, or gloom and doom predictions. James R. Cook, President of Investment Rarities, says, "Silver is the perfect long-term holding to make sure your retirement money doesn't evaporate."

Why do these experts, and plenty of others, say this?

On essentially the most primary level, it's because of three things:

1. Silver is likely one of the most useful in-demand metals on the planet.
2. Not like gold, silver is actually consumed … used up … gone forever … in a lot of the methods silver is used.
3. World manufacturing of silver is roughly half of the world demand and the U.S. Geological Survey says, the "below-ground silver" supply (i.e., not mined yet) is lower than any other industrial precious metals.

In other words, we're utilizing silver like crazy, it goes away once we use it, and there's precious little silver left!

When the world wakes up and finds out the reality of our strictly restricted supply of this important element, silver prices are going to soar. Total industries will cease to exist, and inflation will ravage the value of currencies around the world.

If you want to have a monetary future, it's essential to make the most of the low silver value today … while silver prices are still artificially low.

There are no less than six reasons why the low silver value today is extremely momentary and silver prices will rise tremendously before we merely run completely out of silver as introduced by Theodore Butler in "Silver For The New Era."

Three of these causes are summarized below:

1. The Silver Short Squeeze:
For at the very least 20 years, there have been way too many futures contracts shorting silver value today. When it becomes public information that there's not sufficient silver on the planet to fill all these contracts, speculators might be compelled to buy back their contracts which will drive silver prices way up.

2. Industry Panic:
As presented in another article, silver literally has thousands of functions in industry. In truth, the one commodity with more purposes than silver is petroleum, and lots of, if not most, of these applications do not have a substitute material readily available. Thus, when silver prices start to rise well above silver value today, industrial users will build up their inventories … leading to demand surges and higher silver prices.

3. No More Government Inventories:
The U.S. Government has already depleted its silver stock and most other Governments around the globe have performed the same. This means the only sellers of silver inventory will likely be people and organizations that bought and held real silver, and these new sellers will likely be looking to get the best silver prices they can.

As I discussed, these are only three of the six fundamental causes the low silver value today is momentary, but these three fundamentals alone are sufficient to drive silver prices up significantly within the near future.

Silver Value Today

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