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Six Significant And Amazing Right Hand Rings Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h22

Right hand rings are the favorite jewelry collection for woman. None of a woman can escape from the charm of right hand rings. However right hand rings not necessary are engagement rings. They are considered as common use ring. Woman wear right hand rings to functions like wedding dinner and party.

Right Hand Rings With Round Cut Diamond

These right hand rings featured 14 square cut diamonds. The total weights of these diamonds are 3.65 carat. However the body of the ring is set with 18.1 grams of 14k gold. The ring is available in 14k of platinum too. The overall dimension of these diamond right hand rings are 7x 3mm square, 2x 3.3mm square and 40x 2.5mm round.

Diamond Flower Right Hand Rings

These right hand rings present soft and gentle appearance. They are set with 14K rose gold. They are also one of the famous rings amongst woman. The ring is carved with 20 round shape red diamonds. The red diamonds formed flower diamond cluster. The rings are the perfect jewelry for woman. Thus they are also the favorable birthday or anniversary gift for woman.

Three Leaf Diamond Right Hand Rings

These beautiful diamond cluster right hand rings are the luxury piece for woman. The rings are set with 14K white gold. They are decorated with 12 round shape diamonds. These right hand rings are the preferred choice for engagement.

Right Hand Rings With Diamonds and Blue Topaz

Topaz is one of the most popular gemstone used to construct right hand rings. As such, these right hand rings are fixed with beautiful blue topaz. They are suitable to use for evening occasions. The topaz is surrounded by 10 small round cut diamonds. These sparkling diamonds make the ring looks attractive and unique. They also increase the visual impact of this ring.

Black Pearl Diamond Right Hand Rings

This is a special and elegant right hand ring. They are set with black pearl and diamonds. The black pearl is surrounded by 20 square cut diamonds. The rings present the most adorable and delightful look.

Right Hand Rings With Garnet Stone

These right hand rings are the perfect jewelry for both man and woman. They are set with 14K white gold and platinum. The rings are carved with green garnet stone. The garnet stone is surrounded by 24 beautiful round cut diamonds. The measurement of this ring is 7x 4mm square, 2x 3mm square and 39x 2.5mm round.

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