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Do You Have Any Old Or Damaged Jewelry Sell It To A Scrap Gold Buyer Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h24

With gold now over 680 pounds an ounce, more and more people are deciding to sell their old jewellery to scrap gold buyers. The amount of money scrap gold buyers will pay you varies slightly but in general you can get more money out of your old jewellery than you would think. The price of gold has tripled over the past decade and it just keeps going up. Now is a great time to sell because it seems to be getting close to it's peak. Gold is a valuable resource but how long can it really stay at these prices? Now that the economy is starting to recover you can expect gold to go down in value over the next couple of years. Why not sell your scrap gold now while you can still get top dollar? Even if you are financially stable it is still a good way to come up with some extra money for a nice vacation or just to have acquire some extra pocket money.

Dealing with scrap gold buyers is usually a fairly enjoyable process, but due to the number of new scrap gold buyers entering the business it is even more important to keep your eye out for scam artists. Remember, if something seems a little fishy it probably is. Always pick a site that has been in business for awhile and has a reputation for excellent customer service. Not only do you want to collect your money, but you want to collect it fast! If you live in the UK, is one of the more reliable vendors but there are other good scrap gold buyers operating in the area as well. This particular vendor will buy diamonds as well but if you have any other precious stones in your jewellery you should take them out before sending in the jewellery. So how do gold buyers make money? What do they do with all of that gold?

They melt down all of the old jewellery and turn the gold into a different shape. Because the gold is in the form of damaged jewellery, it is slightly less valuable than when it is in a pure form. The gold buyers can make a lot of money transmuting the gold like this. They certainly bring in enough profit to offer their customers a very reasonable amount of money for their gold. If you have a large amount of jewellery you may literally have a couple of thousand pounds sitting there waiting for you. Why not collect all of your old jewellery and contact a buyer to find out how much it is worth? Unless it has sentimental value or you plan on repairing it, why let it set there and collect dust?

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