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Wedding Reception Ideas For Your Special Day Posté le Mercredi 9 Mars 2011 à 15h53

Every bride planning her wedding looks for new and interesting wedding reception ideas that will make her wedding as unique as possible. Whether your wedding is to be classically traditional, or edging towards the eccentric, there are many creative wedding reception ideas that will ensure your guests enjoy the evening as much as you do! Take a look at just a few of the fabulous wedding reception ideas that will make your event a hit.

-В В В В В В В В В  Decorate with flair
Great wedding reception ideas for unique and beautiful décor should start with a specific theme. If you have already selected a theme for your wedding, such as an Asian style or a beach wedding, then your decorations should reflect this. Depending on your selected venue, your décor can be simple, or incredibly elaborate. Consider making use of dozens of candles for an evening ambience that lends magic to your reception. One of the most popular wedding reception ideas in recent years is green décor – literally and figuratively! Choose to decorate with potted plants and trees that can be replanted in the outdoors after the wedding.

-В В В В В В В В В  Entertain them in style
For great wedding reception ideas on the entertainment front, skip the DJ in favour of live music; in lieu of using a wedding band, opt for the unique in wedding reception ideas for music by considering a lone violinist, a mariachi band, or even a bagpiper – choose music that fits your wedding style and your heritage. More wedding reception ideas for entertainment include hula dancers for a beach wedding, a performance of an ethnic dance such as Irish step dancing or a Japanese fan dance, or a performance artist.

-В В В В В В В В В  Choose unique weddingВ favours
A big part of your reception will be your guests discovering the favours – the small gift offered to each guest by the bride and groom to thank them for attending. Of all the wedding reception ideas a bride is looking for, ideas for unique favours top the list. One of the newest wedding reception ideas when it comes to favours is the choice of plantable paper seed favours – these can double as place cards and guests can then take them home and plant them. Personalized favours are always a favourite as they will remind your guests of you, but choose something they will keep and find useful.  Etched glasses are a beautiful gift, but can be expensive. If you are seeking wedding reception ideas for a tighter budget, consider a photo of the bride and groom in an elegant frame – simple, but special.

-В В В В В В В В В  Wine and dine them
The food served is a central part of any wedding reception; for delicious wedding reception ideas, make sure the food is top notch. Consider hosting a brunch wedding – a champagne brunch is popular with everyone! For a dinner reception be sure that the food is suitable to the selected theme of your wedding. An outdoor wedding might call for upscale barbeque, while a black tie affair is best served with classics like filet mignon. Make sure you have a vegetarian option on your menu to accommodate everyone!

Unique wedding reception ideas can come from just about anywhere – look for inspiration in nature, in your venue, and in your heritage. Ask friends and family for wedding reception ideas from weddings they have attended. Then put it all together for the perfect reception to top your perfect day!

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