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How To Best Measure Ring Size Posté le Mercredi 9 Mars 2011 à 15h54

Whether you are planning to purchase a ring for yourself, your spouse or you plan on surprising your love with an engagement ring, you will need to make sure that the size is correct. The process of determining yours or someone else's ring size is pretty straight forward and easy to do. However, if you are planning on giving the ring as a surprise, for example, an engagement ring, you will need to be a little more creative. Below, we will provide some suggestions on determining yours or someone else's ring size, no matter the occasion. В 

One of the very best ways to have a ring sized is to take it to the jeweler. He or she is a professional and will be able to figure out the ring size either by using an existing ring or measuring the right finger out right. В 

The use of ring size chart is another option. These can be found online.В  A chart can be used to convert measurements or determine the ring size based on a ring the person already has. For instance, if you are planning a surprise engagement, secretly borrow one of your girlfriend's rings which fits well, and then compare the ring with the ring size chart you already downloaded.

Please note, it is important to make sure that the measurements are suitable. Ring sizes may differ based on the country. If you don't choose one a chart from the country where you live or are planning to purchase the ring from, you could end up with the wrong measurements.В В В  Also, double check to make sure that the printer you are using, doesn't resize the chart, as this could cause the measurements to be incorrect as well.

When measuring your ring size, it is important that you do so at the right time of day. The size of a person's finger may vary depending on when you measure it. Temperature can also have an effect. If it is at all possible, measure the ring at room temperature and during the latter part of the day. This is because the fingers tend to be biggest at the end of the day. В 

When you are measuring yours or someone else's ring size, be sure that you use the widest part of the finger or if you are utilizing a ring chart, use a ring that fits well. When sizing a ring for a female, be sure to avoid doing so while she is on her menstrual cycle because her fingers may be larger then normal if she is retaining water.

Correctly sizing a ring is extremely important. A failure to obtain the right measurements will result in an ill fitting ring. Rings are made to be worn. If you are going to shell out thousands of dollars on one, you won't want the ring sitting in the jewelry box, untouched.

Getting a ring re-sized can be a hassle but done inexpensively for the most part. However, though this isn't always the case. Bridal rings and eternity rings can be very costly to have resized. If the ring is engraved, this can also be problematic. The engraving is bound to be ruined if the ring has to be resized.

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