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The Eternal Elegance Of Silver Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h10

Silver is a universal metal which speaks out true elegance crafted with perfection. This ultra glamorous shimmering white metal has so much to offer reflecting that charismatic appeal and illuminating the light of the one who wears it on. Apart from the beauty this metal also has a variety of positive attributes that make it a thorough favorite for each one irrespective of the age group and status. While there are many other metals like Gold and Platinum which also hold a rage when designed to jewellery pieces but there is something about silver that can never be replaced by any other metal in terms of its beauty and utility. Speaking basic silver has something for each one. This nominally priced metal can be designed in a variety of pieces and the best part is that it is pure, strong, durable and very affordable. This also helps in crafting this metal to a variety of intricate designs that can go well with a variety of occasions from grand functions to simple official or day to day wear.

Its durability is that one factor which makes it easy to put on silver any time of the day also this metal goes well with all skin complexions and tones and also well with both the genders. Silver definitely has a unisex appeal which means that one can find men's rings and other accessories crafted in silver along with ultra feminine and delicate jewellery for women cut out of the same metal too. These are the listed factors that improve the popularity of this metal which have also brought a revolution to the jewellery industry with a variety of silver pieces hitting high on the demand quotient. Gold and other pricey metals are running for the fame that silver courts today because not only does silver costs less but it can also durably support a variety of designs that can range from contemporary, classic or even traditional.

One can easily find a variety of sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver rings, sterling silver earrings and many other pieces across the jewellery stores since people nowadays prefer wearing silver pieces on an everyday basis as it works well with a professional as well as casual wardrobe. Being cheaper it is also a lot safer to wear silver ornaments instead of those made out of expensive metals so that even if you loose them then there can be no regrets involved. If one is looking for something truly elegant and unique then silver comes coupled with a variety of studs like gemstone silver jewellery which has gemstones worked into silver for that glittering effect.

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