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Gold Refiners What Do They Do Posté le Dimanche 20 Février 2011 à 18h10

Do you know what gold refiners do? Gold refiners are responsible for the purchasing and selling of gold scrap. When gold refiners are searching for gold scrap, they offer to purchase scrap from people who do not want their old gold jewelry. If you are not familiar with this industry, you should know that there are many gold refining businesses online that are willing to purchase your gold scrap. These gold purchasers will determine the value of your scrap and will send you a check for your old jewelry that contains gold and other precious metals.

The part of a gold refiner’s job is to refine the gold. The basic process of gold refining is that they obtain all the scrap gold that they have purchased, and will melt the scrap down into liquid form. It’s easier to separate the metals when the scrap is melted down. Also, melting down gold scrap will allow the gold refiner to measure the gold in its pure form. Simple chemicals are mixed into the melted gold in order to separate the gold from the other metals. This way the refiner can make an honest offer to the gold seller. Remember that you will only receive money for the amount of gold in any specific item. That means that you will only be paid for the gold and not the entire piece of jewelry. People may be surprised to see all of the items that they can sell as gold scrap. Besides gold jewelry, some other items that you can be paid for are; gold fillings, gold bullion, coins, wirings and even computer parts.

Performing an online search will show the best gold refiners within your area. Remember that there are many reputable companies on the internet and to perform research on each company to ensure that you receive the most for your gold scrap.

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