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Love= Fire Publié le Lundi 8 Août 2011 à 09:11:08


Love is like fire. We know it hurts but we keep on playing with it. I never learned. I made a lot of mistakes and I've been hurt a lot because of this so called LOVE. I just really can't resist loving.


I've been so playful so I think I'm getting my karma now. I am really regretful for all the flimflams I made. Sorry guys. I just enjoyed my popularity and fineness.


Love scorched me. Feels like I don't wanna fall in love again. I never had loved anyone this true. He deceived me. Thought that he also feel the same way I feel for him. This is the first a guy broke my heart cos I am usually the one who breaks their's. I am ashame. Feels like my reputation decreases.


I wanna write my essay but this time not about school but about the wicked things I've done that I want to mend now.

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