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Séjour à Cardiff des TDPIMEI

Our trip in Cardiff

the spying room Posté le Mardi 24 Mars 2009 à 08h48

thursday : we visited the motor museum of beaulieu. In this museum we saw the motor museum , a castle, an abbey and a spying room.You can see the photos at the bottom.









In the national museum you can see the French and English spying methods of the the second world war. A lot of equipements are exposed in showcases, for exemple :


- a pistol pen

- word in packs of cigarets

- invisible ink









In the park of the museum you can see a castle.

It's a castle of the renaissance period.








In the park of the museum you can see a cisterian abbey.







In the motor museum you can see vehicles of the beginning of the century and reconstitution of old street, old gasol pumps, old tools of mecanic...








In the museum you can see the james bond room, with the famous cars of james bond's films.


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