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THE LÄST W3ÊK Posté le Jeudi 6 Décembre 2007 à 15h17







A last week, there were a lot of demonstations for the law Pecresse, that university can't be free anymore and that there will be unversities for intelligent peole and universities for bad pupils.

We do an article to improve our english ...

Pecresse wants to make competition between universities.

I think it's unnecessary and just a bit "ridiculous" because the President will not change his opinion.

Then many pupils took advantage of the opportunity to skip school rather than to show that they are concerned.



But each of them had his opinion !  






 Per hour of the appointment in the school residence of Amiens, there was nobody.
To find the high-school pupils in anger, it was necessary to approach the downtown area yesterday where a handle of pupils made the blockade of the five entries, as of 7:30, of the college Madeleine Michelis, street Vincent-Auriol.
It was the same with the college for Hotoie.
An initiative which caused some incidents with pupils who wanted to attend the courses.
The young demonstrators borrowed the barriers of the building site of the boulevard of Belfort before being given in the right way by the police force which encircled the establishment.
One hour and half later, the young people of the college of Hotoie arrive. It is still necessary to await those of Robert-of-Luzarches before taking the way of the school residence where over there, person did not seem very motivated to reinforce the rows of anger








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