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Xena Room

host : hydris - welcome!

w e l c o m e ! Posté le Dimanche 29 Juillet 2007 à 19h35
Hi everyone!

That's just a lil place on the internet, looking from old school users of the xena room, in the winmx chat rooms, around years 2002-2003 mostly (I think...)

You've find the place and you're one of those? that's great! I miss those ppl and the chat we were having : I don't know how, but everyone was nice back there! lot of great ppl, and I wish to know if all those lil xenites are fine, since I can't use winmx anymore...

let's see if a few of us will find it!


(oops all in french! if you want to answer, it's below : "aucun commentaire")

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