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BLOCKADE Posté le Lundi 17 Décembre 2007 à 13h31
In recent months, there has been a lot of movement toward the student government, and particularly to the latest reforms, the latest laws.
The pupils were not being attended to the event but they organized blockade.
In my school michelis, for example, pupils have blockade all entries. We could not have practically not going into high school, many have skipped classes. However, some groups of pupils were not in agreement with that movement, have rebelled.
There have been fights ...
There was that teachers and prépas who had the right to rentrer.
 I agree with those who organize blockus, I even attended a blockade.
The only thing is that painful was cold so I came with me most of the time, while agreeing with this movement.
There was not that the high school michelis blockade, there were also many other high schools and some universities.
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