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orange~~~wildly arrogant Posté le Jeudi 18 Décembre 2008 à 04h49

extremely arrogant, perhaps always is not a commendatory term.

   But it also has one to limit the decisive remark, in addition then can have the chemical reaction, changes difference----Youth young frivolous, always all describes the youth youth, because young, therefore has the extremely arrogant capital, because young, therefore has the frame of mind which tries to outdo others, also because young, therefore has the proud courage.   
The newborn calf does not fear the tiger, said then is this.   
If hangs on the brink of old age, simply cannot with border extremely arrogantly, said is disdains, ha-ha, is actually has a mind incapably, because, you play do not get up.   
East rises the rising sun, can be dazzling than brightly the Xishan evening date; Flowers' dynasty face, the nature is fresher than beautifully the evening scanty color tender and beautiful. 
Naturally in this way, human also in this way.   
Certainly, but also has the exception, for instance “the old man chats sends the youth to be crazy”, wants to hold the youth the tail, under the again experience the young people fight for the point of view which tries to outdo others, in the heart are not convinced, is not willing to acknowledge own dying of old age and lose, also comes IN.   
What a pity, has a mind incapably, again how reluctantly, already was the spent force.Some matters, are not can obtain reluctantly.   
Extremely arrogant, is only following the teen one condition and the nature reveals, is young fellow's talent, also is the right.   
Crossed the youth, then only -odd courage and point of view.Regarding extremely arrogant, the disconformity has been perhaps suitable.   
I am young, therefore I crazy I in.
May in to on vigorously fill the basket on hand in the bullfight competition, then applauds celebrates; May in a human tide crowded street corner Xiu section of street dance, not pay attention to other people unusual judgment; May be crazy in the concert scene for the mind in idol, the throat shouts hoarsely; May loud recite high crazy boisterous, the dauntless other people cold eye duo person in the dormitory; May curl upwards Ban Paobian in under the donkey friend summons north Chiangnan, even if the journey is difficult.   
May defend stubbornly in the potential inter-bank issue and acceptance of drafts thin situation at first ideally.Does not have complain and regret throughout.   
When young, the somewhat dim hope and the obstinate insistence, extremely arrogant are always our outer coverings, protects the heart of hearts soft with the sharp hard semblance a piece only.We use the form which the youth makes widely known to divulge to this world understanding cognition.Rather becomes has the edges and corners diamond, also do not have to turn the clear pearl.   
Does not care about the contour to be happy, but is unable to endure the innermost feelings to go out of cultivation.                     
Does not know the immensity of heaven and earth.Being supercilious.Good, some who can measure accurately leaves the day to have high, has the multi-beavers? In world not absolute truth, because just the future will have too many unknown, we will only then be able to use own eye to suspect, discovered.Who doesn't have to be able a genuine about person, except him.  
Is supercilious, is because has this strength, certainly, the one should always strive for better, outside the human has the human.But must have the self-confidence to oneself.Believed oneself is best.Even if at present is not, future also could be.Looks< has filled the basket master> the person certainly to be able to the cherry schoolmate's pet phrase: “I am the talent!”Has a vivid memory, if is not the contemporaries, is unable to understand absolutely he “extremely arrogant”, this in fact is one kind of in addition kind of self-confiden
I can I be possible.Why not? If has the response strength, why acknowledges not naturally? Superior win and the inferior wash out, the strength bad nature is defeated, any has not been possible to question.Only then has this kind of extremely arrogant self-confidence, can challenge unceasingly oneself, excavates own potential unceasingly.Obtains the exercise and the enhancement in a competition.Even if is defeated, also is the technique is inferior to the human, said the sound naturally: “you win,” flings the bow heavy again to come newly, also has difficultly what?
Such youth is, but I who brutal makes widely known rather saw remembers with eternal gratitude juan crazy, also does not want the barren recollection.   
Such arrogance is pure, is dauntless, is precious.   
If you cannot understand Jay the powerful and unconstrained style, we can say: “Ha-ha, generation gap ......”   
If you are unable to accept the Mark Sim's local ruffian type piano, we can say: “Your out.”   
If you quite have veiled criticism to Ai the Weier slide rock and roll, we can say: “I like well.It `none of your business.”   
But we do not have the evil intention.This is our privilege.   The youth is originally out of the ordinary, is a pure white drawing paper, no matter what you write spread wipe.  
 I do not want the blank barrenly at a loss.   
Rejection monochromatic block senseless tasteless.   
If has the possibility, the hope is with in society all colors, spreads wipes full, the dark ink serious wound.Perhaps leaves behind the brightest recollection to be able to be somewhat disorderly, the inadequate methodicalness, the youth, is originally beautiful.Is Sheng Fang the rose, because young.    wow gold,wow gold,wow gold,wow gold,wow gold,wow gold
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Extremely arrogant, is on rose's crystal clear dewdrop, lets flower of the youth beautifully brighter, has the vitality.   
Only delightful, will be how senseless.   
Has bitter, has the fire to be spicy, has bitterly and astringently ......Such youth only then makes the human aftertaste.   
The extremely arrogant youth, my domain I take responsibility, nobody has the qualifications and I places on a par.

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