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Do not need a lot of talent will be able to breath Posté le Jeudi 19 Mars 2009 à 03h32

New disease-free blood boil AE up is very violent, this simply will not flower again ran 21:00 talent wow gold point talent to point out evil evil Swarm. Tank changes, such as this, the hatred of the tanks and survival are very helpful. If your team has a frost death knight DPS to release enhanced frost Touch, so you can save talent 3:00.

Tanks of the blood plasma are favorable atmosphere soul BUFF (evade, parry, or cause direct damage on the target when you have 15% chance to obtain the effect of blood soul flavor, you 3 times the next attack wow gold can have a near war 5:00 Rune energy. This effect is triggered every 10 seconds only once). PTR at the preliminary test, a single goal has multiple blood soul who mark (?), The blood from the blood tanks soul breath an average of 2-3 points per second Rune energy.

This also wow gold allows the blood of the death knight tank easier to maintain combat Rune, and a single target of hatred to consolidate its status as the owner. Of course, blood soul Do not need a lot of talent will be able to breath points out, frost and evil tanks can have the talent, but the blood power leveling of the tanks is relatively easier, so that they can come to many gifted 3:00 Convenience point出亡domain will and combat.

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