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boss skills in the first three stages is a comprehensive Posté le Mardi 5 Mai 2009 à 08h06

The third stage is a helicopter, he is in heaven, on the ground brush Unlimited, the largest spike control everything but eat, to have been flying, killing, it will drop the core of a magnet, put it on the plane Now, being sucked down the aircraft will increase by 50 percent of wow gold the injury. Let mt bomb set to eat deep-fried to survive, others away from the mt, of a minimum on the line, the helicopter hit him down, beat up after the fourth stage of the helicopter and killed.

Well, the last stage is to fit the first 3 stages, the first helicopter, the body is a machine gun, the next is half car, a total of three blood article (head, body, and base), three aspects have to be wow powerleveling dead at the same time, or else boss will repair , boss skills in the first three stages is a comprehensive, in addition to the calls.

The mouth of madness
•General (General Vezax )---- big monster
On the long pull than the boss can also ugly monster called the. Into battle that can not be given back to wow or the blue of the debuff, boss put Blackwater and green water, and the increase in injuries, Green's back to blue, but the points above would be affected by the injury can not be greedy, stop for a while on the list (up to 5 ~ 6 debuff).

There is also a skill that will collapse to fly people, half of the blood out, after several attempts, found that only long-range skills and can run away in time. There is also a skill is one of the debuff, but hurt themselves from harm around the players, must be the speed of the escape. wow gold increase their own boss will give a buff, but 100% damage plus a 50% reduction in speed, it is time to buff the tank to kite him. In addition there is a boss of the Ring of Fire aoe skills, it is injury, can be interrupted.

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