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CASINO Posté le Mercredi 26 Août 2009 à 13h29

Last Saturday night, my friend and I went to casino. I had been to Niagara two or three times, but I’d never been to casino, so it was the first time to enter the casino place to me.
I’d never been to casino because I knew I am not good at to all gambles, because I had never won the game before.
Anyway, when we arrived at Niagara, first of all we need to find a place to park a car.
However, because of Saturday night we couldn’t find a place easily, because all parking lots were fully occupied by cars, which came from cities like Toronto.
Therefore, we needed to look around all five floors to find a space with taking a lot of time.
When we almost gave up finding a space to park our car, one car, just in front of our car, started to leave, so finally we could park.
I was surprised when I entered the casino hall, because there was a wonderful ceiling made by beautiful blue stand glass. Also, in the middle of hall, there was a big fountain.
It was so beautiful, so I could fell I was in casino in California.

We arrived casino quit late time, because we went there after we finished a work, but even in the mid night, there were many people playing game.
As a beginner, I played slot machine, because it was the easiest game in casino.
However, even though I couldn’t understand the game until I spend several dollars.
After I lost my money, I started looked around the floor to watch another games, things like card games and roulette.
First, I didn’t realize how much money people bet, because they used some colourful coins to bet.
However, after I got used to see the games, I realized that on the coin there was a sign that tell us how much one coin were valued.
Then I was surprised, because the one coin people used to bet valued 25 dollars!
Also, there were 50 dollars’ one and 100 dollars’ one.
I can’t or I don’t want to spend such a big money in just one game.
Well, I know that is not unusual and the table is not high rate one, but still I can’t believe it.
Meanwhile, my friend played a card game on different floor.
That night, we supposed to stay in a nice hotel and have a nice breakfast watching nice view of Niagara Falls, but instead of them, we ate big hamburger in the car.
It was a very fun night, but I probably won’t go there again.

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