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wow gold

Team iDemise WoW Gold Guide Update Posté le Samedi 28 Juin 2008 à 08h20

wow gold

Team iDemise WoW Gold Guide Update  That kick butt wow gold has now been updated. Previously the guide was integrated into your wow gold main map using the Map Notes addon. Now they’ve brought it out to your main screen. Here’s a screenshot with wow gold just the main guide window open (see below for the smaller window.) Click the image for a bigger picture.

In this window you can easily find out where wow gold you should be leveling by hitting the LRAZ button. So if you’re a level 1 Troll, then you pick the 1-10 ranges and then the starting area. If you’re coming in as a level 45 Priest, then you wow gold pick the 40-49 range, then the zone appropriate to your level. In this case it would be Feralas. Hit the “Display” button and you’re good to go. It’ll wow gold list the first quest in the area, where you need to go, and what you need to do.

Finish the quest, check the box, hit the next button, and you’ll have that detail. The iDemise guide will group your quests, so you’ll be doing 2 or more in any one area. A waypoint arrow is automatically set for one of the quests in the group, though you can go into your main map and set any other waypoint that wow gold you prefer. If you look closely you’ll see some red letters at the bottom of the guide. This is your exact location. This might come in handy if you need to come back to an exact point sometime.

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