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Lundi 05 Aout Posté le Lundi 4 Août 2008 à 18h57

Lui: Crocodile Glasses   Abréviations:  CG

Elle: Lovin Baby             Abréviations:  LB


CG & LB Together on the net, on the moring during more than two Hours

CG told to LB that she was the most beautiful girl of the world, LB told many time to CG she was in love with a man. After many questions, CG understodd he could be this man and asked her if she wanted to live for eternity with her

Finally, they seems to be sure of their mutual love and decide to do a baby.


LB is in love, CG is also in love but their are far from them together. CG would be so happy to touch her, to make love with her.

Anyway , thi will happen, they know this, they know mainly that nothing will destry their loven event if they joign physically in 2030;


And they leave the net at around 12 past 30, for job reasons. But she is always th the mind of CG;;;;;  CG is fully in love with LB... That is definitely their reality.

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