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Elwards : Delivey of flowers

Sending bouquet of flowers in Maghreb

Soon the Woman Day! Time passes quickly… Elwards selected some bouquets dedicated to the Woman day.



Elwards is the site specialized in selling in selling bouquets of flowers and delivering in all the cities, towns and villages of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. You have the choice among many bouquets and much of other greedy gifts (dry chocolates, sugar almonds, baskets of dried fruits, baskets of fresh fruits). The deliveries are guaranteed on all the Maghreb countries to some rare exceptions

All the bouquets are carried out each day carefully by the florists of Elwards because they like before all their trade and exert it with taste and passion.


We use for the constitution of our bouquets the flowers of season, bright and full with strength. No doubt, they will charm their recipient.

ELWARDS ( proposes also a broad range of house plants. With the delicacies, it is thus possible to compose a pretty gift which will remain memorable for your close relations.

We want to assure you that only the bank holds your bank card number, we only receive the information of what you want from our site and where you want it send. Also, we only take the payment out of your account once the delivery is properly made.

Then don’t hesitate, satisfaction guaranteed with Elwards!



So long on !

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