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graphite powder

graphite powder

ramming mass Posté le Mercredi 7 Juillet 2010 à 12h18

Engineers can now purchase negative 5 micron (-5), or negative 10 micron (-10) Hexagonal Boron Nitride powder online, with only a one lb order.

Offering one lb order quantities removes one of the main hindrances of testing new applications and product development, that being cost. For example, there has been much research lately on gun barrel coating and bullet coating with dry ceramic lubricants, such as hexagonal boron nitride powder.

A single pound of HBN ceramic powder will last a very long time for a company still in the product development stage, yet most companies shy away from selling such a small quantity due to the labor and paperwork involved with processing such a high tech material. ISO procedures alone cost the average company 7 pages of paperwork per item ordered. The material itself must be processed and packaged in a diamond laboratory, with a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Thus higher quantity minimums are usually standard industry norm.

 Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder:   This product has structure and properties similar to graphite.  It is one of the most popular dry lubricants available today, due mostly to its lubricant properties and its inertness to molten metals and salts. It is often used as a mold release agent. It also improves the strength and hold ability of the present powder composites.
steel shots

Application Examples:

    * Paints and coatings
    * Mold and die release agents.
    * Dry lubricant
    * Heat Sink
    * Hot pressed goods such as shapes and composites with high thermal conductivity, high electrical resistively and machinability.

Industrial Supply, Inc. has now removed the barrier of costly minimum orders, and is now selling HBN ceramic dry lubricant powder in one pound "test" quantities.

can be used to dry fly ash and process water quenched blast furnace slag.The finished product meets the requirements of cement
concrete and so is expected to make up for shortage of cement.

Traditional powder processing market generally chooses ball mill and traditional raymond mill more often. Given the ultra-fine particle demand trends in the current powder application,the ball mill and traditional raymond mill whose finished product is a little coarse, is gradually exit out of market and instead of ball mill and traditional raymond mill ,it’s various kinds of modern latest scientific ultra-fine vertical mill.

In the test machine experiments,the finished size has already attained to granularity of thousands mesh while using vertical mill to grind calcium.In the plastic products,people usually add a certain percentage of calcium carbonate powder .In the last 90s,the percentage can up to 40-50% while in the current is 60-70%. We can see the large demand to calcium carbonate powder.Apart from 6% annual growth rate of the rubber’s demand to calcium carbonate powder,paper manufacture has become calcium carbonate powder’s second largest consumption. Apart from calcium carbonate ramming masspowder,graphite?talc?gypsum?mica?kaolin powder processed by vertical mill have very good sales in foreign market with a relatively high price.With the growing development of technology, we believe the ultra-fine powder market will be much wider.Large number of low-cost raw materials have already sucessfully entered into the latest science and technology field with a image of new high-end products after being processed by vertical mill. Here you can see the development and application of ultra-fine powder is being the concern of international and domestic powder market.

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