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AFEF GHARBI CV Posté le Lundi 26 Mai 2008 à 21h22





curriculum vitae



First name : afef

Surname : gharbi snoussi

Web page :


Personal details :

- date of birth : july28th,1974

- nationality : tunisian


Educational Background :

- Finished secondary school ( baccalaureate )

- Diploma in journalism ( AA)

Achievements :


- Contributed to the developement and presentation of a variety of tv shows and radio programmes.

- Coordinated the work directors, technicians, and shooting crew.

- Designed new ideas in contenentand form of the tunisian national tv ( Tunis7) and the private channel Hannibal tv.



Special skills :


- An excellent team worker

- Proficient in live shows


Languages :

Excellent arabic and french and some english and italian



Work experience :

Iworked for about 13 years in variety of audio-visual and written media fields, which enable me to develop expertise in media,especially television production.

I also acquired knowledge about tv needs,requirements,and styles.

given my different business trips to different arab countries, i have established,in tunisia and across the arab world, a strong network of connections with important figures in the art scene-artists and production companies- and media, all based on mutual respect and trust.



1- television :

A- Hannibal tv ( 2005-2008)

I moderated several programmes which appealed to a vast majority of tunisian audence and critics.

- "El lila lila" : A semi-monthly tv show which i developed and presented. we invited a variety of international and arab artists,like ridha el abdallah, assi hellani, mirna fares, carole semaha,melham zine,hakim, yuri markadi, maya nasri, etc..and tunisian also tunisian singer

from 2005 until 2008 and still working now on the same program "ellila lila3"

- " Fi dhiafet hannibal" : A talk show programm which invited for lunch or dinner,a Tunisian or Arab star ,a composer,a poet,a journalist ,and some of the close freinds and family members of the guest.

the invited guests included : Mayada hennawi,Ragheb alema,Hani chaker,Elyne khalaf,Mayada bsilis,Abdou deryessa ETC


- " khaymat errahma" : A tv entertainment show presented during Ramadan,in which a large group of Tunisian artists participated. The audience included special groups of needy, disadvantged and handicapped poeple,who were invited to enjoy the live show environment and the recording industry and studios


- " Sahret rass essana "

-" Sahret aid miled hannibal tv 2"

-" Inti we zahrek" : A tv show for dream interpretation


I contribute in the design ,production,and presentation of all the shows mentionned above.

B- Tunis7 (1993-2001)

-"Studio el ahad" : A weekly live music TV show. It was a seccessful new idea in tis formand contenet that lasted 4-5 hours on Sunday afternoons. The show appealed to a vast majority of Arab audience and invited a large number of famous Tunisian and Arab artists ( LATIFA,HENI CHAKER,MUSTAFA KAMAR,IHEB TAWFIK,ELISSA,IRANIAN GOUGOUCH,CHEB FAUDHEL,HAMEDA HLEL,HAKIM,MAYEDA BSILIS...etc)

It was a huge show that also included many fun games,competition,and great prizes(car evry week).


-"Charaa el angham ": A live TV show devoted to top song and video clip hits. It was broadcast weekly,and included recorded sections.

During this show, number of Arab singers and stars were interviewed in a different countries,including EGYPT,UAE,ARAB MAGREB, during their concerts, clips shoots ,or music recordings. We also presented the backstage of artistic fields and tried to meet the needs and requests of our audience.

-"7/7" : I prepared and presented the weekly TV show of the satellite channel Tunis 7. The show covered the backstages of the TV and RADIO broadcasting industry,shedding light on audiovisual techniques. We invited people in the field,namely producers,presenters,directors,actors,and technicians.


I presented a variety of live and daily service and social shows :

-"fi khidmatikom"

-"likol ennes"

I contributed in presenting a variety of live and recordred entertainment and game shows :

-"kisma we yannassib"

-"rimel we amwej"

-"wa yahlou essahar"

-"ahla elamassi"




2- National Radio

I prepared and presented number of live and recordred programmes and varieties including:

- "Chams we dhill" : a recorded programme promoting tourism

- "Mountalakat" : a social live informative programme

-"Fi el kanoun el ektissadi" : a recorded programme dealing with legal issues

-"Ala janeh el amal" : a live programme dealing with literature and culture

-"Sahra arabbya" : a recorded programme inviting the Tunisians immigrants



3-Print Media

In parallel with my work at the National Radio and Television , i wrote articles and prepared pages in different daily and weekly newspapers including :

-" SABEH EL KHAYR": i was in charge of preparing a page on TV and arts which included critical articles,interviews,and news.

-"AL HOURRYA": i was a pioneer in designing a page in printed media dealing with the web world and covering the latest awareness of these technologies, and the Tunisian achivements in this area. A selection of relevant web pages was presented accordingly


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