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Rogue in WoW Posté le Mardi 24 Mars 2009 à 07h14

Rogues are very good at dealing huge amounts of damage in a very short amount of time in melee combat. As far as melee classes go, they top the DPS charts. Rogues have the ability to stealth which gives them a huge tactical advantage over their opponents. This gives rogues the chance to sneak up on low health targets and quickly finish them off or get a few hits in before the other player even realizes what's happening. Rogues are leather wearers and have low health points so their defense is their high dodge chance which is increased with agility points. In combat, rogues like to stun-lock their opponent and keep them from attacking at all because the smallest hits can take a big warhammer power leveling chunk out of their HP. Rogues can also apply poisons to their blades that weaken the other player by making them walk slow, slows their casting times, or slowly damages them over time.

In leveling, rogues are one of the best. Rogues have no mana. Instead, they have energy which regenerates very quickly. This means it's possible for rogues to never have more than a few seconds of downtime after fights. You can level quickly and efficiently with little time for stopping. Bringing along bandages and food quickly get the rogue's low hp back to full health quickly. Many rogues have been using swords mainly for the purpose of leveling. This is because daggers require you to be behind the enemy in order to use the high damaging dagger skills. Rogues have to stun the mob and run behind it which takes a lot of time and energy. Using swords are good because rogues can repeatedly spam sinister strike and any other direct damage dealing abilities they may pick up through the talent trees, then finish it off with an eviscerate.

However, some rogues swear by daggers only and feel it is the true test of what a rogue is all about. For some, it’s all about stealthing, sneaking up on a target and blasting away half their health with a single sneak attack (which usually requires daggers). Rogues have several runescape money abilities which allow them to stun or incapacitate an enemy so they can help with crowd control.

In raids, rogues are used for 1 reason… to deal as much damage as possible. In some instances, their other job is to stun-lock or sap additional mobs to keep the party safe. Because of the rogue's great leveling speed and popularity, there is usually an overload of rogues and some may have to sit out. The rogue twink is one of the most popular twink classes. Most low level battlegrounds are overloaded with them.

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