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Warhammer Online Posté le Vendredi 31 Octobre 2008 à 15h11
Well today I want to talk more about Warhammer Online. I purchased this game some time ago and I playing from time to time in this quite cool game. Well like in other mmorpg you are creating in Warhammer Online, your own character avatar to discover large in-game world and collect experience points, fight with monsters and wining powerful magic items. This genre of game is very popular since premiere of World of Warcraft, most popular game of that type. In World of Warcraft are playing almost 12 millions of players all over the world.

Warhammer has now around 800.000 players but it's hard to tell right now. Anyway game is really cool and probably tons of players will gladly invade it soon. I heard that a lot of WoW guilds are playing in Warhammer now. Warhammer Online is little similar to WoW but game experience is different, mostly in PvP and Realm vs Realm. Game is really good and has really a lot to offer for everyone. If you like playing in all kind of games, just check out this one! It's really worth it!

What can I say more? I love Warhammer, it has really fantastic Player vs. Player, but World of Warcraft is game almost legendary, with huge world, gigantic player base and you know its like Coca Cola in online games. Warhammer Online is still game very good but its hard to say is this real WoW killer? First of all we should wait till new expansion for WoW or WAR, after that, we shall see.

See you again!

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