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Warcraft expansion Posté le Lundi 7 Septembre 2009 à 11h21
Welcome on my blog! Today about WoW – top popular pay-for-play MMO RPG! Probably every player saw this game, so I just go to the point. Anyway if you are looking for awesome content about World of Warcraft or other popular online game, similar, just check out my blog! Fantastic expansion for World of Warcraft will be released near july 2010 and we will be able to pick 2 additional classes - 1st one is called Worgen for Alliance and second one is Goblin for Horde. Well, if you are looking for more World of Warcraft adventures, just try out WoW after this expansion! Addional things is ancient City will be full of various sea creatures, monsters and powerful mobs or probably most exciting feature, that we will be able to fly on flying mounts on all Azeroth!

Anyway also we all waiting for more items, armors, areas, instaces, weapons or more crafting skill levels. Blizzard will also add new profession, called the Archelogiest for everyone.

Level cap will be raised to level 85, so we will be able to obtain all kind of additinal skills and stuff like that. Another interesting this that Blizzard will add more Player vs. Player features to make World of Warcraft, more PvP game, with awesome torunaments and even money prizes! Oh yeah - just like in Starcraft :-)

See you again!

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