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Transcritpions services Posté le Mercredi 5 Novembre 2008 à 09h48

Interview Transcription   services is one of the most important paradigms of general transcription that we have been handling. Like general transcription, interview transcription is an extremely broad term that encompasses a wide number of types within it. We have acquired a formidable experience in the transcription of all of these types of interview. That, along with our irresistible pricing makes us the best option for interview transcribing.

Have a look at some of our service features:

  1. Prices pegged at a lowly 40% of those of US-based services
  2. Various turnaround time packages to choose from
  3. Experience in transcribing for projects from clients cutting across scales and domains
  4. The confidentiality of your recordings shall be respected

Interviews are of varying types, some consisting of just two participants while others having many, almost resembling a discussion. As the number of participants increase, so does the complexity of the interview recordings increase, from the point of view of transcription. Over this, if the recording quality is not the best possible one then the transcriptioning becomes tougher than ever.

That’s when one needs to trust a transcription company that has handled such interview recordings. Our transcriptionists have extensive experience in transcribing such interview recordings. We have an infrastructure that’s robust and perfectly suited to deliver transcripts of the best quality and within the timeframe agreed upon. The 24/7 support services will help you stay in the loop with your transcription process.

A brief list of the types of interviews we have transcribed for, is as follows:

  • one to one interviews
  • multiple participant interviews
  • group discussions
  • police interviews
  • legal interviews
  • depositions
  • telephone call recordings
  • marketing based interviews and research
  • focus group interviews
  • job interviews
  • industry or market surveys
  • business meetings
  • television interviews
  • radio interviews
  • journalist's interviews
  • press briefings
  • interviews or dictations for books and articles
  • psychological interviews
  • meeting
  • corporate transcriptions
  • corporate quarterly earnings calls
  • university lectures
  • dissertations
  • road shows
  • research
  • key note addresses


When the need arises for interview transcription, a high level of accuracy is paramount and is undoubtedly expected from the transcription service.  The Essential Secretary can provide this very service.

Our services have been utilised by universities, charities and organisations throughout the UK to transcribe both one to one and multiple participant interviews.

For interview transcription services, you may benefit from additional information as per your requirements by viewing audio transcription for analogue cassette recorded conferences, or digital transcription and mini disc transcription for digitally recorded conferences.  In addition, you might like to view further information on PACE interview transcription for under caution interviews and the like.

Please do browse through this site, and feel free to contact us if you have any queries about our interview transcription services, or to develop a strategy to suit your individual needs.

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