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je peux prendre quelque minute de votre temps Posté le Samedi 5 Septembre 2009 à 00h39
 * how much do you pay for your hydro bills each month?
with our simple solution you can easily save $____ every month from your hydro bills. That would mean a minimum saving of $____ every year on your hydro bill.

                       * I want to know how can u save 40%?

Well, we are promoting a device which is called hydro power saver. This device basically saves the wastage of the energy at your home in the form of power lost as heat, transmission loss and by regulating the voltage, hence you consume less electricity and you pay less.

                                * How does the device work?

Actually, this device has two industrial capacitors inside along with one micro chip and one censor. This device does not use energy but saves the energy. On top of that, it also act as a stabilizer for all your electric equipment; this not only enhance the life of your electric equipment but stabilizes the flow of electricity.       

* Is it Legal?

The device is tested and approved by C.S.A. i.e. CANADIAN STANDARD ATHOURITY, so it is absolutely reliable and Legal

     * Where can it be installed?

This device does not have a complex wiring requirement. It is a simple portable device about 7 inches in length and 2 in width. It weighs around 2 pound. You just have to plug this device within 8 feet radius of your main panel and it will automatically start working.


Just for your satisfaction. We are  also giving you a money back guarantee of 90 days along with a replacement warrantee of one year.


We are sure you will be very satisfied with this device, however. If you don’t find it working you can always claim your money back which will be compensated to you according to your desire.(


Let me tell you to process the order I will not need any of your personal information such as your credit card details or your bank details, I will simply ship this device through Canada post and you will receive it within 7 working days and at the time of delivery you will have to pay only $ 199 including all shipping, processing, and handling charges on top of it all taxes are also included in this price it’s fair deal.


To process these saving , I will only have to reconfirm your address your postal code and your cell number ,  I have your address as …………….

It saves energy in a number of ways: such as…


1        It stabilizes voltage and reduces current being used extra, by appliances

2        It monitors the power fluctuation to extend the life of appliances.

3        Enhances power efficiency of electrical equipment and avoids wastage of energy.

4        Can recycle the wasted energy due to old or faulty wiring and releases this back into the electrical circuit to reuse it.

5        It gives better results in saving energy if the appliances are older than one year.

6        To top it all the POWER SAVER does not consume electrical energy itself!

It is portable and you can move it to any other place. It is easy to install and one unit is enough for a house, an apartment and even small offices.


There are two types of devices used

1)                 Inductive type:e.g Fans, Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Microwave Oven , Air conditioners, Motors, Washing Machines, Irons, Water pumps and all kinds of lights. (Inductive appliances consume more energy as compared to capacitive appliances.)

2)                 Capacitive type: Electronic devices (very minor usage in the house.)


* General Information:

Keeping in view that Inductive type of devices is often used more at homes and stores or restaurants as compared to capacitive devices. The power factor changes due to more usage of the inductive devices.


* Remember:

            If the power factor is less than 0.9 more power is consumed. The average power factor is 0.75 or less. The power factor must be 0.9 because it is decreased to 0.75 or less due to more use of inductive devices. So basic function of the power saver is to keep the power factor stable, like 0.85. In a power saver, the special operative system works to stable it. Specially, this POWER SAVER will minimize the start up current of these inductive appliances, which will reduce your consumptions.

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