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Leeann Moody

the reflection of my life

My First Love Posté le Lundi 12 Juillet 2010 à 08h37



Writing is my first love. I was a journalist during my lower years in school and I even took up Mass Communication and choose Journalism  as my major now that I am in college. I really love to write about anything and everything. I always have pen and paper in my bag because when a certain idea comes in my mind, I really want to write it before I forgot. Most of the time, when an idea pops up in my mind, I will never mind wherever I am and whatever I am doing.

It was our swimming class when I saw some newly bought hayward pool filters and other pool filter parts in one corner of the pool area. I really want to write something about it but I am wearing my swimming pool attire and my pen and paper is in my locker. I really can’t help it, I want to write because I know that after our class, the momentum will be gone and some of my ideas will be forgotten by me. Good thing, my professor left us for a while to talk to our dean. And so, I ran without minding what I am wearing and went to my locker. I was so happy seeing my pen and paper. Right then and there, I wrote what I want to write and I was so relieved. I went back just in time before my professor came.

That’s what anyone can do when it comes to love. As other people will say, when it comes to love, there is no right time and place, just right feelings. And since writing is my first love, I know that I will do anything for it!

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